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Video Trends For 2021

Video is king!

Well, that’s what it seems as we head into the middle of 2021. Video marketing has become one of the more effective pieces of content when it comes to engaging with an audience on a website, or across social media. We have seen the emergence of Tik Tok over the past year; as millions of users, young and old, took to the platform to share humorous content. Brands have also identified the popularity of Tik Tok and have used it to cater towards their audience.

According to Social Films, in 2021, the average person will watch 100 minutes of online video content per day.

As the popularity of video continues to rise, we’ll take a look at a few of the video trends we expect to emerge and be very-much present in 2021.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is one of the newer trends we can expect to see more of in 2021.

Interactive videos allow the user to interact directly with the content they’re viewing. This may include being able to click elements within the video for a response, or more recently, shoppable videos. These videos allow the customer to purchase items directly from the video they’re watching. This is set to have a huge effect on Ecommerce going forward.

The famous Jungle Book movie has a good example of the use of futuristic content, where users can interact with the sliders to go "behind the scenes" of the making of the film.

Could we see more of this type of content in 2021?

Social Media Videos

Over the last few years, we’ve probably seen a tremendous rise in video content on our social media feeds. The likes of Twitter and Instagram have become home to Instagram reels and IGTV; while Tik Tok and Snapchat remain strong competitors in the market.

Short and snappy social media videos are proving to a hit across all platforms, as they are easy to create and share along with the elements included. These are called “Ephemeral Video”. These are videos that once published, will last for a 24-hour period and then disappear. You will usually see these on Snapchat, Instagram stories and now Facebook and WhatsApp have introduced them to their respective platforms.

Due to the videos being engaging and addictive, Instagram now has a total of 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Aside from the “fun” stories, businesses can also produce sleek, elegant and professional Instagram stories, via various platforms including: Envato Elements. Live Video

According to HubSpot , 2019 saw internet users watch 1.1 billion hours of live video. 2020 saw many industries forced into conducting live video streams, as a replacement for physical events. We expect to see the live video trend continue strongly throughout 2021.

The live trend has become particularly popular for those who stream live video game sessions, influencers and live watch-along videos. In terms of platforms where live video is most popular, one in five Facebook videos is a live stream and there are one million Instagram users watching live video every day.

One of the key reasons why live video has become such a successful trend is because it’s easier and a cheaper option than holding a physical event. The pandemic only enhanced the need to add live video for many sectors such as: entertainment, music and fashion.

Personalised Video

Consumers live in a world where they’re constantly seeing advertisements; whether that’s on a billboard, television or being bombarded with them online everywhere they click! More often than not, the advertisements are pretty similar -being able to stand out from the crowd can seem like an impossible task.

The emergence of personalised video has allowed businesses to have the chance to create unique content which is aimed at individuals. Personalised videos are videos which include personal details of the person watching or receiving the content, these include: name, email address, age or profile picture.

A good example of the effectiveness of personalised video is the Cadbrury GLOW advert; encouraging consumers to purchase Cadbury chocolate as a gift. This campaign allows users to automatically create a personalised video that includes photographs and names pulled from their Facebook profile.

The recipient can then view the video when they received a box of Cadbury Glow chocolate, either through a QR code or by entering their phone number on the Cadbury Glow page.

Personalisation is one of the new and effective trends of collating consumer data and targeting campaigns towards a certain demographic. Facebook in the last few years allow users to create a “New Year story” by collecting pictures they have taken throughout the year and creating a story-like book of that particular year.

Personalisation is set to remain a big trend throughout 2021 and beyond.

Making Video Searchable

Just like written content, so many brands are producing and sharing unique video content daily and it is becoming increasingly important to make sure SEO is optimised. Video is in high demand due to it having something for everyone. No matter what you’re interests are, there is a video out there for you.

In a pool of videos, trying to get your videos to be discovered by your target audience can be tricky; however, now video is now being presented in Google’s search engine page results, they have also provided some information on how videos can be optimised for their target audience. Some of these tips include:

  • Including your target keyword in file names, titles and descriptions

  • Adding subtitles and closed captions

  • Adding relevant tags, popular keywords, and keywords related to your video’s topic

  • Creating original thumbnail images

Video content will continue to dominate our social media feeds for the foreseeable future, and businesses are producing new and unique content to keep their audiences intrigued, informed whilst increasing conversions.

With the growth of online video, due to it's multichannel nature is increasing it's demand and looks set to maintain it's dominance.


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