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Social Media Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2021

The amount of social media users is growing by the day. The new and innovative trends gracing existing and emerging platforms is providing users with exciting new elements and tools to engage with not only each other, but strengthening their relationships with brands.

It shows no signs of slowing down in 2021 and there are social media trends which we expect will shake up the world of social media.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce has emerged as a popular trend over the last year. Social Commerce allows users to be able to make purchases directly on social media platforms. Platforms such as Instagram have launched ‘Instagram Shop’ and the feature of shoppable posts. Brands can now integrate their products onto Instagram, allowing users to be able to find out product name, price and purchase with a single click.

Introducing social commerce makes perfect sense for brands; as they can extend their reach and develop an integrated shopping experience. 2021 won’t apply the breaks on Social Commerce; as we expect it to feature heavily as one of social media’s biggest trends.

Augmented Reality

As consumers become more engaged with platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and the emergence of TikTok; Augmented Reality has become more common. The likes of Snapchat and Instagram have launched their own filters and lenses and consumers can now create entertaining and more engaging short videos and images.

2020 will be remembered as the year in which the world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides entertainment, the use of AR allowed consumers on Instagram to virtually try on makeup, sunglasses and shoes. The likes of TikTok and Pinterest, although popular, are still in the early stages of their AR development. However, they could be eventual competitors in the next few years.

The more you can try on, the more likely you are to buy, Brands could see their sales sky-rocket in 2021!

Short-Form Videos

Short-form video is what is keeping consumers engaged with brands across all social media platforms. Long-form videos are dominating on platforms such as YouTube; but the popularity of short-form videos are likely to dominate in 2021. Snapchat and Instagram have enabled users and brands to create entertaining yet educative videos across various platforms; in which has created an expectancy for users to receive engaging and short content consistently.

This is why the emergence of TikTok in 2020 was such a phenomenon. During a time where many people were dealing with restrictions, TikTok offered consumers a platform which they could create short and fun videos to share on a consistent basis. As consumers continue to respond to platforms such as TikTok, brands will also look to use such platforms to extend their reach and accessibility in 2021.

Personalised Marketing

Personalisation is a digital trend that has worked as an effective tool to retain customers and bring in new ones. On social media, personalised marketing is proving just as effective. With social media users increasing by the day, it has become easier to personalise brand experiences, using customer data. We have seen evidence of this in recent years; where Coca-Cola allowed followers to personalise their own Coca-Cola bottle, which saw huge engagement on social media.

Cadbury also did the same by collecting data from Facebook fans’ profiles, such as age and location (if fans allowed them to access their profile) and created personalised videos. The videos included a combination of personal photos and information to match users with a flavour of chocolate.

If brands can appeal directly to the consumer; they’re likely to retain. Classic examples of this is when Netflix suggests titles ‘Just For You’ based on what you have watched previously. Also, Amazon will generate product suggestions based on previous purchases or what you have viewed recently.

Live Video

Live video has become a popular trend across social media platforms. Following Covid-19 restrictions, live video was another way for brands to connect with followers. This was a solution for brands seeking a deeper and more genuine connection with customers. This also gives consumers to be able to engage directly with brands and influencers by posting questions and comments ad the stream is going on.

The convenience of live video is apparent, with Facebook and Instagram currently providing the feature. The ability to reach thousands (or more) new consumers with the single click of a button has become a reality., is one of the biggest live streaming sites in the world, bringing in 10 million active users daily.

Live video is not slowing down, and we expect it to continue to dominate in 2021.

Social media has played a huge part in marketing activity over the years. 2021 could be the year when social media becomes the main outlet of driving engagement for brands. It will certainly be an exciting time in 2021.


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