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Ecommerce Trends We Can Expect In 2021

2020 has seen a major change in the world we live in, which has caused many industries to re-evaluate their strategies and the way they service consumers. There is no doubt that one of the few industries to boom throughout a difficult period, is the Ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce has changed dramatically over the last two years, providing consumers with various options and technologies helping business to retain and enhance the customer experience. As we head into the New Year, we look at some of the Ecommerce trends we can expect to grace the Ecommerce scene in 2021.

Voice Commerce Search

Voice search on a website is a trend that will continue to grow into 2021. As we see an increase the devices which aid voice search and assistance, we can see more websites opting for voice in the new year. Platforms such as Google and Amazon are investing in voice assistants. Amazon Alexa is providing assistance to consumers around the globe. You won’t just be able to check weather updates or play your favourite song; but also purchase you favourite items!

Searching for a product and confirming purchases through voice, looks like it will be the new trend for consumers going forward. Businesses optimising voice will expand customer market, as well as bring a modern touch to their website. Will products be able to be purchased only with voice command? Will we see voice on mobile sites?

Interesting questions we’ll find the answers to.

Multichannel Sales To Increase

One thing that businesses had to get used to during 2020, was the change in customer buying habits. Online shopping has increased throughout traditional online shopping, however, multiple alternative channels have been introduced – allowing consumers to purchase goods on various platforms. We are beginning to see businesses integrate their websites with different networks and platforms.

Social commerce has increased and platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and others have become effective for selling. A strong multi-channel strategy allows businesses to increase brand awareness and in result, sell more products.

Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

In order to stand out in a very competitive market, businesses have opted for the use of artificial intelligence. 2021 is set to be a year where artificial intelligence and augmented reality take off as one of the main Ecommerce trends.

The use of AI offers consumers a completely different experience; it gives them a chance to analyse products more in-depth. Whether it’s clothing, footwear or accessories for the home, consumers will be able to see how products will fit-on or fit-in. This results in customers being retained, increased income and increased conversions. Consumers not only remember the product they bought, but also the experience.

Businesses will be looking to ensure the customer experience in 2021.

Could We See New Payment Methods?

The ways in which consumers can pay for products they wish to purchase, has certainly evolved in the last few years. Paying for products on a mobile device should be available on every website; they are convenient for your customers. The introduction of Monzo and PayPal have allowed consumers to purchase products.

The more payments options there are, the more customers that will be on the website. 2021 could see the spread of new payment options, including Crypto-currencies.

Greening To Impact Sales

The world around us is of great concern to many consumers. Green buying in recent times has gained new momentum. The sustainability of a product seems to influence the buyers’ decision greatly. This is not only to sustainable packaging and sustainable delivery methods but also to companies working to protect the environment and the world around us.

Businesses are working to show their consumers that they share their concerns, in a bid to build trust and protect the globe. A few examples being adopted by businesses at the moment, is delivering goods by bicycles and electric cards, whilst donating some of the money to charities and other good causes.

We expect to see more of this in 2021.

2020 has been a tough year for all, however, by adopting change and quickly, ensured that businesses saw growth and results. We’ve seen some of these trends slowly emerge in 2020 and 2021 may prove to be the year of transformation for the world.

With the likes of Artificial Intelligence likely to provide an even more unique and efficient customer journey, the limits seem endless!

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