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3 Paid Social Trends To Lookout For

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

With social media’s increasing reach and popularity, it’s no surprise that customers and businesses continue to identify social media platforms as a focal point when building an online presence. Ecommerce transactions have gradually increased on social media platforms; and businesses are looking for solid organic content and to take advantage of the latest paid social opportunities.

Facebook ads remain popular

Facebook continues to remain a popular option for businesses who wish advertise across social media. 93% of social media advertisers are investing in Facebook ads; as the platform grows integrating with Instagram. One of the main benefits advertisers will find when utilising Facebook is low costs and audience reach.

There is a higher demand for impressions due to many brands going digital in 2020, as a result of the pandemic.

However, the Facebook ad platform has suffered various outages in recent times, which came as a major disruption businesses as they saw their accounts and ads being disabled without notice or reason. As a result of the lack of reliability, this has enhanced the growing trend of more ‘diverse’ social media ads. Experiencing other avenue’s such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest is beneficial. Identify how each platform can help you target a desired audience closely, as well as design specifications and costs for each one.

Instagram reels gain increased engagement

Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform in 2021; and it has become a very proactive platform when finding ways to make money. You can currently explore advertising options within the Feed, Stories and Explore section. It is quite possible we could see IG Reels follow suit.

After a slow start after being launched in 2018, IGTV has thrived – with the potential for ads in the long run. Many brands are incorporating organic IGTV content and posting shorter forms on the feed as teaser videos – with a link to the full IGTV video.

One of the main reasons why Instagram is being focused on is because of the ability to form both long and short pieces of content, with ad options being available in each one.

Will Pinterest take over?

Although Facebook remains a popular option, as people begin to explore alternatives, it’s not surprising to see Pinterest top that list. As well as sharing videos and images; with the ability to link pins back to websites – it is certainly growing but is undeveloped in terms of ads.

One benefit advertisers can attain from this is that costs are likely to be low, and can therefore be a great option. According to analysts, Pinterest is among the “top picks” to lead 20% growth in online advertising in 2021.

Pinterest could soon be on the radar of many Ecommerce professionals in the near future; depending on budgets. The surge in digital ad spend due to Covid-19, this will be a key time for brands to experiment with Pinterest and see how it could benefit their brand awareness.

The amount of consumers on social media has no doubt increased over time, and with the rate of brands on social media has also doubled. There’s immense competition to stand out from the competition – paid ads are a no brainer.

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