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Why Enter?

The Digital Leaders Club Awards is open to any business, no matter the size. Entering our awards in one of the most cost effective marketing investments for any business. 

By enterting the awards, not only are you opening the door to networking, but you are also rewarding the hard work of others - leading to increased morale. 

Presenting an Award

Top Reasons To Enter

Some of the top reasons to enter the Digital Leaders Club Awards include: 

Rewarding the best campaigns

Recognise and celebrate the success outstanding campaigns and strategies.  

Employee motivation

By recognising and rewarding the hard work of others, winning can improve employee morale as well as boost motivation. 

Boosting credibility 

This gives you the chance to prove to your competitors that your company and campaigns are amongst the best in their sector. Winning an award raises of your organisation, showcasing your credibility.

Networking opportunities 

The Digital Leaders Club Awards presents you with exceptional networking opportunities with your peers within the industry. 

Attract talent 

Being an award-winning business will highlight your hiring structure; and help you not only retain existing talent, but also recruit new talent. 

Expertise of the judges

Our panel consists of indusstry-leading experts, who have worked with major brands. This gives you the perfect chance to showcase your work. 

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