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Why Digital Marketers Need To Keep Up With Digital Trends

During a year where digital leaders and professionals have been challenged to explore and maximise their digital capabilities; it has become more important than ever for professionals within digital and digital marketers to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends.

With Virtual Reality (VR) and the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR), Ecommerce business have begun to take advantage of these technologies and provide consumers with a more “interactive” experience. These technologies have allowed customers to be more interactive when purchasing items online.

Augmented Reality makes perfect sense during current times, when it comes to consumers trying on items virtually: such as make-up, clothing, accessories etc. This is very convenient as you do not need to be in-store in order to explore and purchase various items.

Although social-distancing restrictions encourage more online businesses to implement these changes, there is still a lot more that can be offered online to enhance consumer experience.

Ecommerce websites in previous times, would typically display the item information, item-image and item-price. Many businesses still operate this way, however, with the technology being introduced, there are many ways that they can take advantage of this to enhance customer journeys and their overall experience.

Digital Reality

As a consumer, no matter where you are or what device you may be browsing from, you are able to access most websites with one click. Online businesses are becoming more mobile-friendly and marketers are targeting platforms where their consumers are more interactive.

Interactive models – 3D models, are “creative engines” which online retailers in particular are utilising on their websites in order to give consumers a better view of products and other pieces of content on the website. Many businesses can now hire agencies or have their own 3D content creator to make 3D models for anything they sell.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and extended reality (XR) – and interactive 3D models are certainly making a positive impact on the future of marketing. Consumers will not just visit your website based on your service, but also based on the cool and interactive content you have built.

Adapt tech to your audience

A key way to get your audience to adapt to your changes or bring in more consumers, consider how they spend their downtime. Consumers have a range of convenient options to keep them entertained during their spare time; whether that be streaming Netflix, browsing social media platforms or playing mobile games.

How can you implement something like this into how you engage with your market? Don’t show them a static website; invite them to interact and participate in your digital marketing.

As we enter autumn, a survey conducted by eBay Advertising found that 30% of consumers surveyed reporting that they want to be inspired by brands as they look for ways to reinvent themselves, and 40% saying they expect to spend more in the next three months than they did during the previous three.

This will give marketers a great opportunity to inspire and engage consumers during the fall of 2020.


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