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Under Armour Looks To Podcasts In Bid To ‘Re-Center’ Brand

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Under Armour is certainly a sports brand which has gained popularity in recent years, due to the success of its products. Under Armour have recently announced that they plan to push its products and technology through its new global platform and also by reinvesting in podcasting. 

Podcasting has become a very popular method of audio as listeners can stream a variety of podcasts on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Under Armour have revealed their latest campaign, ‘The Only Way is Trough’. The whole point of the campaign is to realign the sports label as one which understands athletes’ drive to push limits – breaking “through” pain as well as the mental barriers. 

Famous sports stars such as NBA’s MVP Stephen Curry, NFL Legend, Tom Brady and

Volleyball champion Zhu Ting, feature in the campaign. The campaign was created internally by chief marketing officer, Alessandro de Pestel and vice-president of global brand creative, Brian Boring. Brian Boring stressed the importance of having the campaign built internally, as it was not just a seasonal project after admitting they had leaned on various agencies for the past decade. 

“In the last few years we've thrown a lot of different campaigns out there and we’re thrown a lot of different messaging out into the marketplace,” said Boring. “A lot of it was product- focused and a lot of it was category-focused, and we didn't really have one centralized theme that all of our athletes and our brand could rally around.

“That's something we'd done really well in the past and we wanted to get back to that. We wanted to make sure we had one central idea that all of our storytelling could ladder off of and just get back to what makes us really strong.”

Viewers are certainly buying into this new strategy Under Armour is producing as one

viewer commented: “What's the title of that music? It got me pumped up and



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