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UK workers turn to social media, Digital &, AI to enhance office skills

The demand for digital and workplace skills has never been greater. The UK currently faces a skills shortage and since the pandemic or perhaps before it, AI and digital initiatives have been introduced to boost work processes and take away the workload from employees.

Leaders who are currently in the digital industry understand the need to enhance existing digital practices, whilst encouraging and expecting their workforce are being encouraged to boost their workplace and digital skills, according to new research by KPMG UK, UK workers are increasingly turning to social media and AI to sharpen their office skills.

A survey conducted by KPMG, which focused on 2,000 UK office workers revealed:

  • 61% of all workers want training in generative AI, with more than half of 18–24-year-olds already using generative AI to learn skills for the workplace (56%)

  • Only a fifth of UK workers can find learning resources quickly at work

  • 62% of UK workers have used social media or online platforms to learn new workplace skills, with 20% doing so regularly

The same survey revealed This emphasizes the key role in that social media is having on the development of professionals. One of the worries for UK workers is access to high-quality resources, and Alex Ball, Director, Learning Services at KPMG UK believes whilst there is a major shift in the need for digital skills, how workers “want access to those resources is changing”.

“Since the pandemic we’ve seen significant transformations in how, why, and where UK workers learn, and a major shift in their need for digital and soft skills, which are well-known skills gaps in the UK economy. We know that workers appreciate having dedicated time to learn and access to high-quality resources, but how they want to access those is changing.”

Regarding digital skills in particular, only 44% of respondents strongly agreed they had the right skills to perform their roles effectively with the most in-demand areas for learning being digital skills (44%) and, industry-specific knowledge (43%).

It seems the demand for soft skills and leadership qualities was particularly high amongst 18–34 year-olds; with two-thirds of respondents stating they would like to improve their skills in these areas.

The rapidly evolving nature of the workplace is pushing the need for current workers and the younger generation to equip themselves with the necessary skills upon entering the workplace. AI continues to play a significant role in improving proficiency in the workplace, and despite the changes social media platforms have undergone in recent memory, a significant number of workers are seemingly benefitting from its offering.



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