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Almost half of UK charities considering changing CRM system

The number of charities implementing digital has risen in recent years. New and emerging digital technologies are providing several ways for UK charities to boost their fundraising efforts; as well as enabling convenient methods for consumers to support respective charities.

CRM systems have been a godsend for many of the UK’s leading charities; proving their capabilities in storing various types of data in a centralised system.  Whether that be details of donations, fundraising events, or supporters; and managing the donor journey from the first interaction to the present or last. CRM systems can also aid in finding future supporters, whilst retaining current donors.

Research by Fundraising Magazine and Charity Finance in which 509 charity subscribers and contacts were surveyed, revealed that almost half of charities are considering a change of CRM system in the next 12 months.

The research revealed the following:

  • Of all those considering a change of CRM system in the next 12 months, 45% of respondents think they ‘might change’

  • 43% of respondents have had their current CRM system for more than five years

  • Approximately 68 charities have changed their package in the last year; with three-quarters of those saying they are satisfied thus far; whereas 19% say it’s too early to judge

  • ·Just over four in 10 found the process smooth while more than a third experienced “some or huge” disruption

What are the barriers to changing CRM?

Despite almost 50% of UK charities considering a change, various barriers are causing them to contemplate change.

Steph Graham, CEO of GoodCRM, believes the lengthy task of changing systems plays a part in the lack of change: “There needs to be some strong will behind changing suppliers, and the ability to calculate a decent cost or time-saving in the future. 

One of the hardest functions to move can be anything where a large number of stakeholders, such as regular donors or members, need to be contacted and actioned to get their regular gift or payment set up on a new platform.”

Product Manager in Access’s not-for-profit division, Stephen Gott, believes funding issues and increased demand for services have “left many struggling.”

“Strengthening income streams is essential and a CRM can accelerate this process by helping you to connect with and nurture your supporters, build retention, optimise regular giving programmes, and claim gift aid.”

Although the results of merging CRM and charity fundraising are long-term success, the time-consuming nature of getting used to a new system and cost barriers are proving to be existing worries for many charities. Results from Fundraising Magazine and Charity Finance have suggested that not only do charities continue to recognise the importance of CRM, but almost half of them are willing to invest in it for greater results in the immediate future.



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