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Social Media Influential On Online Purchases

Consumer buying habits have undoubtedly changed over the course of the last few months, as the UK gets used to a new way of living. With their being no clear indication as to how the current situation may change over the course of time, online shoppers have indeed opted to stay online when shopping for their essentials.

Ecommerce businesses have ensured they are servicing their consumers the right way during this tricky time, by first-class and a unique shopping experience in a bid to retain customers. Although Ecommerce businesses are making sure consumer experiences are up to standard, they’re also looking for more ways to bring new customers to their website.

Large retailers and retailers in general have begun targeting the most-used social media platforms in order to stay connected with consumers – highlighting major deals. In a period where most consumers prefer to do their shopping online, it only makes sense to target consumers with relevant ads on social media platforms, whether that be Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

Recent research by Visa revealed that almost a quarter of all online purchases are now made through social media. One in 10 Brits have made a purchase through social media since the coronavirus lockdown began in March. 24 percent of online purchases over the last six months came through a social media platform.

As consumers feel more comfortable shopping online, various social media platforms have expanded their Ecommerce services in recent years.

Consumers are gradually beginning to return to the traditional method of high-street shopping, however, shopping via social media remains a popular alternative.

Research by Visa showed that the most popular purchases by social media shoppers were clothing and accessories. This made up 37 percent of all transactions. Due to most people being home-bound in the last few months, homeware and electronics were also a popular purchase by social media shoppers.

Although shoppers may have been forced to look at social media as an alternative, according to a survey of 2,000 UK consumers conducted by Opinium, results found that a third of people plan to keep buying through social media platforms. The main reason for that is due to the convenience of it; the speed of transactions as well as a desire to support independent businesses.

As online shopping has increased, so has the number of online scammers – looking to exploit customers. Brands have been called upon to do more to protect their customers. Customers are also being urged to be cautious whilst shopping online.


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