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Quick-fire Ecommerce statistics businesses need to know (2024)

Ecommerce businesses who are looking to boost their sales in 2024 and beyond will find the following E-commerce statistics interesting. Whether it’s the rise of smartphone activity, the predicted projection of the Ecommerce market, or global spending activity, we’ve racked up some UK and global E-commerce statistics that will leave businesses and consumers intrigued. 

Here they are:

By 2025, the UK is predicted to have 62.1 million e-commerce users (Statista)

By 2025, the proportion of all UK retail sales made online is predicted to reach 38.1% – amounting to a value of £152 billion or $194.1 billion (Statista

In 2023, the UK had nearly 60 million Ecommerce users (Digital Market Outlook, Statista)

20.1% of retail purchases are expected to take place online in 2024 (Forbes

By 2027, 23% of retail purchases are expected to take place online (Forbes) 

E-commerce sales are expected to grow 8.8% in 2024 (Forbes

25% of online shoppers abandon their cart because the site wanted them to create an account (Statista

The online shopping cart abandonment rate is 70% (Forbes

China, India and Thailand have the highest rate of live social commerce shoppers (Forbes) 

91% make online purchases using their smartphone (Forbes

Social media commerce is expected to reach $8.5 trillion by 2030 (Forbes)

Judging by these statistics, it’s clear that the Ecommerce market has taken a surge that will be impossible to hold back in 2024; the demand for online shopping has never been higher in the UK, and Live Shopping is taking effect around the globe in countries across Asia. 

Mobile and app shopping seems to pose the most convenience for shoppers, and grasping the magic of customer experience and loyalty will certainly decrease the chances of customers abandoning their shopping carts.   


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