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It’s Ok to Take a Break

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Mental Health is being spoken about now more than ever, and with the increasing pressures surrounding day to day life, it’s important that it is continued to be spoken about.

No matter what position we are in in a company, it could be at the very top as a CEO, or just beginning our journey as an assistant or executive, we have all felt the pressure at some point. Most of us have had to deal with the pressures over reaching a deadline and managing various projects.

While burying our heads into the day to day tasks we face at work, home or school, just

remember: it’s ok to take a break. According to the annual statistics of the Health and Safety Executive, 12.8 million working days have been lost due to anxiety, depression and work- related stress. The Labour Force survey looked at potential reasons why many people may fall under stress or anxiety. Workload seemed to be a massive factor at 44%, while a lack of support was a problem at 14%.

Dealing with change in the workplace can be difficult to adjust to for some people, as 8%

reported in the survey. Duties need to be attended to in the workplace, however, your

mental health is also important. Businesses may also face the stress of dealing with

continuous change in a workplace, while it may be team members leaving or going through other changes in the businesses. Those at different levels may have different levels of stress, but the effect is the same.

It’s important to take breaks from work-related activity. It’s great to have the motivation

and work-ethic to achieve, but burnout will only leave lasting negative effects. Digital is

getting us to assess our own mental-health, but being able to speak about it is still very



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