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Google Introduces SOS Alerts System for Reliable Information onCoronavirus

Updated: May 18, 2020

With the outbreak of Coronavirus after the New Year, it has left not only the

UK in a state of panic, but it has become a global health emergency. With

British airways recently suspending any inbound of outbound flights to China,

the nation is left taking precautions to ensure the virus does not spread.

In order to provide the latest information on the virus, Google has recently

announced that it has deployed its SOS Alerts System.

The purpose of this system is to provide safety advice and relevant information to those who wish to find out more about the Coronavirus; information such as an overview of the current condition of the virus, advisory information, and material.

Along with that there is also a drop-down list of safety tips such as how to reduce exposure and transmission of, a range of illnesses that includes the coronavirus. With so much information going around not only via national news stations, but also social media channels, Google is doing it’s best to highlight links that provide reliable information.

Another source of monitoring the state of Coronavirus is an online tracker from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at John Hopkins University over in Maryland. This tracker keeps track of count of the number of confirmed and suspected cases of the coronavirus globally, as well as the number of deaths and those who have recovered.

Both Google and John Hopkins University’s online tracker are great examples as to how you can keep up to date with the latest on goings surrounding the vicious virus. Google said it has donated $250,000 to the Chinese Red Cross to help it in its efforts to deal with the virus.


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