Disney+ Subscribers Soar Prior To UK Launch

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

There’s no doubt that online streaming and On-Demand Television is

competing with traditional TV. The convenience of being able to watch what

you want, when you want is attracting more and more consumers as the years

go by.

We’re fortunate to have a range of online streaming options from Neftlix to

Amazon Prime to BBC iPlayer, among others. Netflix is currently leading the

race with 170 million subscribers currently, where Amazon Prime is producing

Amazon originals and options to buy and rent, as an alternative

Disney announced towards the back-end of 2019 that they would be launching

Disney+. Disney+, like Netflix, is an online streaming platform containing

content such as classic films and shows at a service charge each month. The

announcement produced much excitement from not only Disney fans, but the

online streaming industry. Could this be the platform that really challenges


Walt Disney said about 28.6 million users have subscribed to the service since

its launch.  The service is available in five countries including the US, Canada,

and China. The service is due to be launched in the UK in March 2020. 

With Disney+ set to provide hours of content to consumers, there certainly

won’t be a lack of online streaming options.

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