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Digital Tools Keeping You In-Touch With Your Team

With the current lockdown restrictions put in place by the UK government, many companies have had to take a different approach to the way in which they conduct day-to-day activities. Communication with team members or co-executives is vital. Aside of the traditional way of emailing; digital technology has made it possible to communicate effectively with team members wherever they are; as well as keep on top of projects.

Whether it be conducting team meetings or video conferences; the range of applications and tools out there has made it possible. We look at the communication tools helping keep your team collaboration high and productive.

Trello is a great tool to keep you on track of your projects. With there likely to be many tasks to complete, whilst being allocated to various team members, Trello helps you keep on track of your progress. The interface allows users to drag and drop various tasks based on completion. Allocating members to new or existing tasks can also easily be done.

Google Docs is something which many people may be familiar with. Google’s collaboration tools includes it’s docs services, which allows team to upload and edit documents at the same time; whilst changes are saved automatically.

Flowdock is more of a private chat platform that brings colleagues, projects, work items and tools all into one place. If multiple team members are working on a project or are solving an issue, they can communicate effectively at the same time. There is also an interesting team inbox which gathers notifications from other channels such as Twitter and other customer support channels.

Zoom is a popular web-chat application, which comes in incredibly handy when organising team meetings. If your business conducts regular webinars then zoom is perfect for that. Other features include a chat system, phone system and conference rooms. It’s free to sign up; comes in perfectly under the current self-isolation measures.

Igloo almost provides a digital workplace. End users and content managers can effectively collaborate with team members, whilst monitoring the progress of daily work. Igloo provides the option for users to integrate the full Office 365 suite making it easy to take advantage of the benefits these applications offer, and the investment made by your organisation.

Microsoft Teams will allow you to connect and communicate with team members anywhere, at any time. Meetings, Instant messaging, distance learning and even benefits healthcare workers. By healthcare workers being provided the tools they need to enhance collaboration and coordinate care, that has in result provided better patient experience. Healthcare professionals can set up remote consultations with patients and reduced the cost of care.

These are only a few of the many tools which are available for you and your team. However, it is important to consider the privacy options before selecting a suitable service. If you wish to work on sensitive projects or have private conversations with team members, explore the necessary options before committing.

As many will be trying to get to grips of working together remotely or exploring such technology, it’s important to use an application which is user friendly. Something that everyone finds easy to use will enhance the productivity. It may be worth requesting a demo or accessing a trial run before committing.


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