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Digital Roundup: December, 2022

As the year draws to a close and Christmas and New Year plans are in full flow, the digital industry not only reflects on the innovations and changes it has presented throughout the year, but also looks ahead to what 2023 will bring.

Twitter’s takeover is still creating noise with more uncertainty heading into 2023, LinkedIn has added new tools to allow company pages to expand their offerings, and BBC’s digital plans have come under threat due to a “lack of resources”

Let’s see what’s been making the headlines in December:

LinkedIn has announced its latest feature drop for Company Pages, which includes new ways to highlight your newsletter, a new, more privacy-friendly way to segment your ad audience, and updated competitor analytics. This mainly features newsletters, which have seen growth on LinkedIn in recent times.

“When members search for your Page on LinkedIn, we’ll ensure they can easily find and subscribe to your Newsletter directly from the search results. To gain visibility and traffic when your audience is searching off LinkedIn, you can intentionally incorporate SEO best practices by setting your Article’s SEO titles, descriptions, and tags. And as your Page continues to grow, we’ll automatically send your new followers a notification to subscribe to your Newsletter.” Say LinkedIn.

BBC’s digital transformation plans have taken a setback due to a lack of resources. Initially, the BBC announced plans to build a “digital-first public service media organisation” and manage the future demands of their viewers and listeners. However, a report from the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) has put doubt on their ability to achieve this.

NAO examined whether the BBC strategy was evidence-based and supported by a practical, achievable delivery plan and also whether the BBC could prove that it had sufficient and appropriate resources to deliver that plan.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has been by no means quiet, his presence on the popular social media platform has driven engagement, debate and controversy over the platform’s future. Analysts are predicting that by January 2023 (17th to be precise) is the day that Elon Musk will become the number-one influencer on Twitter.

A report from Swedish Banking as a Service provider, Intergiro, has revealed the areas of the UK which have seen a the biggest cash machine decline since 2018. The data showed that Liverpool and Greater Manchester saw 1,514 cash machines close down in the last for years, as they look to adopt digital-first banking.

Leading marketers from ITV, TK Maxx, and Channel 4 have shared their thoughts on how Chief Marketing Officers can overcome the challenges which await them in the near future; in a new series from Marketing Week.

The video series ‘Through the Lens’ features CMOs discussing a wide range of topics such as reaching and engaging customers, and the key to a successful relationship with agencies.

“We expect to increase our investment in digital marketing by 50% and almost double the percentage of ecommerce by 2025.”

Nestlé plans to transform operations by further digitalizing its supply chains and manufacturing. Their goal is to create a competitive edge through data, artificial intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics.

Data has shown that 65% of UK eCommerce ad spend went on Meta-owned networks Facebook and Instagram, 22.9% on Google, and 4.3% on TikTok in 2022. With social media platforms being a popular avenue for shoppers of late, this proves that social media is still playing a key role in UK advertising. With Facebook and Instagram’s rise in spending, Facebook and Instagram’s position decreased over the year, falling from 70.5% in January to 60.9% in November.

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