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Digital Applications Leading the Fight against various diseases

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We have greatly benefitted from the innovative technologies which have certainly made life more ‘convenient’ and efficient for many of us. The way in which we travel and buy our groceries have changed enormously, compared to 20 years ago. One way in technology has helped us in our journey moving forward is the assistance that is provided to those who suffer from various disabilities, thanks in part to the NHS.

Digital appointments are becoming more common and various technologies have helped the fight to cure patients from diseases and forms impaired vision. Recently Livingo, a digital health app, which has come to the public market place, is hoping to see the success of their recently launched app that helps people who suffer from diabetes manage their sugar income. This will be very beneficial in terms of the amount of trips someone will need to take to the doctor. This application analyses data to build a picture of a person’s patterns, while dietitians and physiologists give them real-time advice

about diet, medication and exercise by apps or text message. If a patient’s blood sugar is

dangerously low or high, a coach will call to warn them within 60 seconds.

In some cases, patients may struggle to identify whether their blood sugar is either ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ so this application is extremely helpful. This shows the direction technology is taking, as systems are now anticipating whether patients may be in danger, health wise. It saves people time to be able to treat something before it happens, rather than reacting once it’s already had its effect. Founder and executive chairman of Livingo said in a recent interview: “We all love that Amazon can figure out

what books we want to read before we know it — how is it that healthcare can’t do those things? That is the idea behind Livongo”.

Andrew Matzkin, leader of the digital health practice at consultants Health Advances, said they were making it “more automated, personalised, real time, passive and engaging”. One of the issues digital health start-ups may face, however, is finding someone to pay for them. Livongo has 720 clients paying for the platform, including employers like Citigroup, Hyatt and Microsoft and some insurers.

The company has more than 192,000 members using the platform and claims that it saves on average $1,900 in annual healthcare costs per member.

These platforms that are seemingly on the rise, will help users stay engaged as well as getting users to change their behaviours.

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