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Post-pandemic customer personas: Journey Further

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

With light at the end of the tunnel, many marketers are asking themselves what a post-pandemic world will look like? How will COVID-19 change the way we people shop, travel, socialise, invest? Which of the many behavioural shifts we have seen will remain and which will revert?

While trying to predict the future is a worthy endeavour, the latest insight from the Pinterest Business team provides a much more actionable take for marketers looking to strategise their way out of the pandemic.

The report argues that we should be focusing less on the external changes ahead, and more on the internal changes people have already made - the new habits, new rituals and new priorities. As our lives get busier again, there’s great opportunity for brands to connect with people who are trying to find a better balance between the daily grind and their personal growth, ambitions and aspirations.

Pinterest analysts used qualitative research and Pinterest search data to dig into various behavioural shifts from the past 18 months.

Interesting highlights include:

  • 6x increase in searches for “daily routine schedule for adults”

  • 93x increase in searches for “cute mother daughter tattoos”

  • 12x increase in searches for “road trip bag”

  • 10x increase in searches for “sustainable lifestyle”

  • 23x increase in searches for “small business plan”

These insights form part of what Pinterest describe as five new post-COVID personas:

  • The Routine Ritualist

  • The Prioritized Parent

  • The New Nomad

  • The Eco Evangelist

  • The Emerging Entrepreneur

Plenty of food for thought here. How can you help your audience protect their new positive habits? How can your brand speak to families who are reconnecting? How can you support people’s ambitions to live more sustainably or start their own businesses?

Read the full report here.

Curated by Journey Further exclusively for the Digital Leaders Club.


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