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Checklist: How to Position Yourself Best to Get a Job

Getting a job in the current climate is a tough task. With the economy feeling the affects of the health pandemic, the UK is doing what it can in a safe way, to get normal life moving again slowly.

The job market is as competitive as ever and Jack Johnson shares his checklist, helping you to land the job you've been looking for:

1) Have your CV reviewed by someone in your network who can give you honest advice e.g recruiter, CV writer, a decision maker in your industry - not someone close to you.

2) Linkedin profile marketed correctly and good content to encourage people to message you when they land onto your page.

3) Reach out to your network Old work colleagues, old bosses and friends.

4) Join networks and groups of industry professionals to help you get intros and advice.

5) Join every job board and post your CV on them. 

6) Create an excel list of all of your connections and regularly catch up with them.

7) Think about your perception to others - Make sure the decision maker or recruiter you are speaking to gets a good energy from you - positivity, hunger, knowledgeable. You can't search for a job the same way you would 8 weeks ago. You need to be memorable and give confidence to the recruiter or Internal recruiter you would represent them well and interview well. 8 weeks ago we were in a candidate driven market and now (Only short term) you will be against a lot of competition.

8) If you are immediately available how are you filling your time? Pro Bono work? Helping out a local business? People searching for a job are doing this at the moment. It helps them keep their mind in the game, and make further connections and intros for paid consultancy work both short and long.

9) Search for a job daily / Apply Daily / Follow up with those who are hiring on LinkedIn / Get intros from your shared connections on LinkedIn.

10) The market isn't normal at the moment. Those who are in jobs are more likely to be hunkering down and you will be highly likely be against those who have been made redundant or at risk. AGAIN what are you doing with your time at the moment?

11) Work on your personal branding - start off small - Blog weekly and build from there - Every bit helps to get you noticed above the noise.

12) When you do interview, go above and beyond - critique website / do mini presentations even at first stage and especially if you are not asked to prepare anything.

13) Make a list of the companies you would love to work with and those who were at competition to the business you last worked with and reach out directly.

14) Where is the money at the moment? Which businesses are doing well at the moment? Reach out to them.

15) By regularly speaking to recruiters in your area you will more likely rank higher in the LinkedIn searches for their individual profile.

16) Make sure you are open to opportunities on LinkedIn.

17) Start looking at overseas markets to see if you can work remotely - I have had lots of approaches from businesses particularly in countries with a lack of great digital talent to find people from the UK.

18) Keep talking to people - Keep your ear to the ground - whats busy / who is recruiting.

19) We are still placing people weekly however working twice if not three times as hard to help people find jobs - for example my last week was working from 8am to 2am every day . I'm not saying do these hours searching for a job however again don't search as you would have 8 weeks ago. Do MORE, WAY MORE.

20) Offer your services for free - it can turn into consultancy work or a permanent job long term.

Written by Jack Johnson.


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