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Brexit a Digital Priority

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

As the UK tries to make something out the uncertainty of Brexit, the digital world have certainly made potentially leaving the EU a priority. In a past blog, we spoke about how the UK Tech workforce was fearful for the future, as it was very unclear how Brexit would affect the future of technology (Many of us are unsure whether we’ll leave the EU at this rate). 

The interim Head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) Alison Pritchard, has outlined her priorities for the agency. GDS are currently looking for a full-time Head of Digital Service, however, Pritchard has been clear in what she plans to focus on in the immediate future. She said that it was a huge part of GDS’s current efforts to be working on the Brexit. However, despite being in the role for the short term, she was looking further than the present. 

“We also need to build our future, setting the boldest goals for digital advancement across government, a big push on data analytics, digital identity and embedding of innovation. To do that, we need the right resource, capability powers and influence,” she said.

There are certainly question marks over the resources and influence that GDS has, with suggestions that their resources are becoming more limited and that influence is diminishing.


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