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Amazon Drone: Delivery in Minutes

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

It’s safe to say Amazon’s delivery service (if you’re a Prime customer) is one of best services out there. In a world where consumers demand instant access to content or items they have purchased, Amazon Prime does exactly that.

Amazon Prime recently surpassed 100 million subscribers and with the services on offer to customers, it’s no surprise. With guaranteed next day delivery as well as same-day delivery, access to their digital on demand streaming service, Amazon Music, Discounts, Access to Amazon restaurants and the list goes on. It’s clear that as a retail brand, Amazon are certainly leading the pack.

You would think with all the benefits we have just mentioned, including more, what else could Amazon introduce to top their innovations? The answer: A delivery drone! Amazon Are set to introduce self-piloted drones that are capable of delivering packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. The announcement was made in a recent event which took place in Las Vegas.

Amazon provided more information as to the construction of the delivery drones. They said it’s new drones will use computer vision and machine learning to detect and avoid people or clotheslines in backyards when landing, however it did not give exact timing or say where the drones will be making deliveries. In terms of the type of packages that will be eligible for a delivery drone, items which weigh up to 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) such as toothpaste or paperbacks. Amazon’s desire to launch delivery drones stretches back to December 2013, when Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos told a news show that drones would be flying to customer’s homes within five years. However, that deadline passed due to regulatory complications.

With delivery drones set to play an important part in everyday society, it’s clear to see the continuous progress Artificial Intelligence is making, it also allows the customers to experience a new type of service. “There is something ‘cool’ or futuristic about having your parcel delivered by a drone”, said Head of Enterprise, UK & Ireland, Sean Durkin. He added: “Today’s digital generation are used to streamlined, instant services. For businesses in any sector, getting the brand experience right is key to forging a loyal relationship. The secret to creating a special customer journey lies in analysing data to really understand what will improve the customer experience.

Brands- such as Amazon – are increasingly recognising that consumers have a preference for fast and flexible delivery options and that drones could provide a way to meet these expectations.”

Amazon are raising the game, digital is changing the way we shop and revolutionising the customer journey along the way.


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