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A Vibrating Floor to be introduced by Microsoft?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Microsoft could be set to introduce a vibrating floor mat for virtual reality. A recent patent filling seemed to suggest that Microsoft would be considering a vibrating floor with interesting implications.

Virtual reality has already played a huge part in changing our video game experience, by giving gamers a different and more first-person experience whilst playing their favourite games.

The new patent appeared to show that the mat will double as a boundary for your VR gaming space. This could then be added into the system to enable the virtual reality headset to monitor where you are and act as a border for the play space. This will be giving gamers a more real experience.

There are strong suggestions from the patent that this system might also work with console and a Kinect style camera; based on imagery provided with the patent. A source said: "The floor mat may include one or more vibration devices integrated into the floor mat to generate vibration at the floor mat; and the virtual reality experience may be augmented by generating vibration at the floor mat via at least one vibration device of the one or more vibration devices.

Perhaps one concern surrounding this innovation would be making users aware of their

surroundings outside of the virtual surroundings. It'll be easier to know the boundaries of you playspace if you can feel it beneath your feet. It';s far too easy to get lost in the real one when you're engrossed in the virtual one - putting household objects and other people at risk. As it is just a patent, there is no guarantee that this device will be coming anytime soon.


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