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How To Enter


In order to sumbit an entry, please follow these three easy steps: 

1. Dowload an entry form 

2. Complete application form with all necessary information. 

3. Download and complete entry form with all the information required and reupload it as either a Word of PDF doc. You can then sumbit your application. 

Please remember that upon submitting your entry, you will not be able to edit your entry and re-submit. Please ensure all the details you have provided are correct before submiting. Entrants are able to enter more than one category, but make sure you tweak the information so that you ensure you match the criteria for that particular category. 

File Upload Formats 

When uploading your entry form, please ensure that is is uploaded as a Word Document or PDF; these are the formats that will be accepted.


All the material and information you provide will remain confidential to the judges. All discussions between judges will not be shared or discussed with anyone outside of the judging panel leading up to the event or thereafter. 

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