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Terms & Conditions

In consideration of membership of the Digital Leaders Club (“DLC”), all members (“Members”, “you”, “your”) agree to be bound by these Membership Terms and Conditions (“Membership Terms”), as amended from time to time.

1. DLC is owned and managed by Blu Recruitment Limited, a company incorporated in the UK under company number whose registered office is 80 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ (“the Company”). The directors of the Company have the ultimate decision-making authority in respect of the Membership of DLC.


2. Only individuals who are Leaders or Managers of Digital /Ecommerce Departments, or who are closely affiliated with owners or managers of businesses, may join DLC. Your Membership becomes active upon receipt of the membership email directing you to the login page of and an invitation by Jack Johnson


3. The Membership benefits set out below are available to you for as long as you’re a member, Membership benefits are for your individual use only and are not transferable to any other person.

​4. The official language of the DLC is English and all of you should have sufficient fluency to understand and contribute at events and/or training. All documentation, including but not limited to; Terms and Conditions, Membership Charter, Website, Interactive Forums will be written in English. Exclusive DLC Membership benefits

  • Invitation to join DLC lunches as announced at fine dining venues across London and Manchester – (Members only have to pay for their after dinner social drinks)

  • Guest speakers and presentations

  • Invitation to join DLC Breakfast meetings, at exclusive dining venues, as announced

  • Real-time access to DLC Peer2Peer web forum

  • Access to best in class documents

  • Access to the DLC founder outside of the group events

  • Direct introductions to industry experts, professional services and board members

  • Access to international group purchasing discounts

  • Access to training and consultancy division

  • Support and networking with fellow professionals

  • Confidential discussion environment / Chatham House rules

5. Members are expected to be ambassadors of DLC and must not act or behave in any way which may bring DLC into disrepute. Members are expected to abide by the Membership Charter which includes, but is not limited to; Members are expected to keep confidential and not disclose to any third party all and any discussions which take place during a DLC lunch, and Chatham House rules are strictly applied. Any breach of these expectations may result in the termination or suspension of your membership.

6. There is a prevailing honesty expectation of all Members. For example, any drinks which you may order during an DLC lunch must be paid for before leaving. Failing to honour this expectation may result in the termination or suspension of your membership.

7. Membership Terms are subject to change without notice at the discretion of DLC. Non-material changes to the Membership Terms become effective upon notification to you. Material changes become effective 30 days after notification to you.

8. Members shouldn't post vacant roles in or outside of their own teams in the group or approach members for leadership roles.

9. You expressly agree that DLC may contact you by any means, including without limitation mobile, phone, email and via social networks; and agree to receiving communication from DLC with respect to your Membership and any promotional materials.

10. You can terminate your membership by giving at least one days written notice, via email to director or DLC’s representatives. This is to reflect the value of services negotiated on your behalf by DLC and information shared between members.

11. DLC is not responsible for any loss of damage to personal property whilst you attend at a DLC event.

12. A member mustn't put at risk the contact details of those in the group by sharing them without their consent and for the best interest of the network created anyone creating a similar membership group or inviting people to another closed/open network for digital leaders will have their membership revoked upon termination. 

12. Any member of the group should not use the group to sell a service or product, failure to do this may result in the termination or suspension of your membership. The main purpose of the group is to encourage peer to peer learning.

13. Members should not share the login details for the Digital Leaders Club with anyone. Failure to do this will have their membership revoked upon immediate termination.

14. The Membership Agreement is governed by English Law.


What is The Digital Leaders Club?

The Digital Leaders Club gives members access to online tools, exclusive events, community WhatsApp group and a growing community of like minded digital and Ecommerce leaders. Digital Leaders Club is an inclusive platform to help promote peer-to-peer learning and career development for those leading digital and Ecommerce teams all over the world. 

What is included in The Digital Leaders Club Membership?

  • Access to the Digital Leaders Club WhatsApp Community group

  • Digital events with online experts, suppliers, peers, coaches and digital leaders club co founder

  • Exclusive networking at spaces across London and globally

  • Everything you need to supercharge your career and development as a digital leader

  • Peer to Peer learning and 24/7 support 

  • Marketplace for suppliers

How often do you meet ? 

We meet quarterly either in person at one of our many venues or virtually. We also have regular round tables and webinars throughout the year to discuss important topics and discussion points.

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