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The best and worst paid sectors for marketers

2024 could see the competition for marketing talent reach its peak as leaders look to expand their teams, creating unique opportunities and challenges in the process. However, the pay gap among certain sectors is facing challenges regarding equal compensation. Insights from Marketing Week's Career and Salary survey provided insight into the best and worst paid sectors for marketers.


The automotive sector stands out as the highest-paying field for marketers, as revealed by Marketing Week's exclusive Career & Salary Survey. Full-time marketers in automotive brands earn a mean salary of £67,846, securing the top position among the 24 categories which were analysed. Following closely are consumer electronics (£67,753) and health and pharmaceuticals (£67,636).

On the other end of the spectrum, marketers in the education sector receive the lowest compensation, with a mean salary of £50,709, according to this year's data. Slightly above, but still on the lower side, are professionals in travel and leisure (£52,888) and sport (£53,490).

The survey calculates average salaries from full-time employees working 35+ hours a week, based on their basic annual salary, excluding additional benefits.


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