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Marketers Lacking ‘Hard Skills’

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The world of Marketing is providing lots of innovation as the years go by. Marketing trends are keeping us on our toes and also providing digital leaders with new ways to improve their campaigns and stand out from their competition.

Beginning a career in marketing hasn’t been ‘easier’ according to many. With various pathways to become a marketer of some sort, with vlogging becoming a very popular option, Britons can start a career with the click of a button. Marketers are said to possess the necessary soft skills such as communication, however may lack the ‘hard skills’ to take their career to the next level according to Econsultancy’s report. They recently conducted a ‘Skills of the Modern Marketer’ report, which established that only 46% of UK Marketers have a marketing degree or certified marketing qualification.

Candidates may leave university having studied a specific course, however perhaps due to the lack of opportunity in their chosen industry, they turn to another field of work. Apprenticeships and Internships are providing candidates with an alternative pathway into starting a career. Although many will possess the soft skills to get by, having the skills to set a strategy, deal with data as well as analyse, will set them apart from the rest.

Being able to understand your audience’s needs and being able to adjust to new and upcoming digital trends will only enhance your product. Leadership is also a skill in which many are lacking at the moment. Being able to assess the skills we need to take our skillset up a level is important to any career. Just like how a programmer will keep their knowledge up to date on new languages in order to become better, marketers should also do the same with new and innovative digital trends.


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