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Live Online: Digital Webinars

As we comfortably live in an age where digital marketing trends are evolving by the day, online webinars are quickly becoming the go-to tool to gain the attention of your audience, whilst providing engaging and insightful content. Looking to gain and retain consumers? A webinar is a health solution.

As we tackle the current health pandemic, companies are using webinars as a solution to provide content to their audience. Which webinars should you be keeping an eye out for in 2020? Let's see:

Adobe are recognised for the high quality software packages they produce, at the heart of high quality content produced by businesses. In the month of April, they are hosting a number of webinars looking at digital trends in various disciplines such as Media & Entertainment and finance.

Econsultancy are known for their tremendous energy when it comes to updating the digital audience with the latest news and trends within the digital world. They have three upcoming webinars in the month of April, which like Adobe, focus on digital trends. If you're looking to enhance your knowledge on machine learning, be sure to tune in on April 21st at 3 pm!

Smart Insights provide marketing training for digital marketers; from courses to guides and templates, a go-to platform for all marketers. At the beginning of the year, Smart Insights have regularly hosted a variety of webinars focusing on the trends in content marketing, email marketing and more. You can register for free to watch webinars live or on demand.

The social media scheduling tool have produced a Digital 2020 webinar to confidently guide your digital strategy and uncover new opportunities for growth. This features world-famous digital analyst Simon Kemp to bring you a comprehensive data-set on the state of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and ecommerce.

Webinars give today’s businesses an easy and efficient means of connecting with their target audience, from different parts of the world. With the right solution and proper execution, businesses can enjoy all of the above described benefits of a webinar on a consistent basis.


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