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Introducing: Jenny Cahill

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Jenny Cahill is a senior marketing professional, with many years' of experience and success working across B2B and B2C markets.

Jenny is currently the Head of Digital Marketing for the Consumer Legal Services Division of NAHL Group plc.

As part of her previous experience, Jenny has worked with names which include: JSA Services, Cargiant and Everest Home Improvements.

We sat down with Jenny to discuss her career background, passion for learning, why Personalisation and AI excites here and why it's important to be 'kind'.

How long have you been a member of the Digital Leaders Club?

Only a month ago in June 2021. I’ve known Jack for years and thought it was about time! So far, I’m really enjoying catching up on reading the articles in the Digital Leaders Club account area and listening into the daily chats on the WhatsApp group.

Why did you join?

I would say - COVID. I have spent the last 18 months trying to navigate through perpetually changing consumer behaviour, working long hours in the same room, every day, at home. As the world begins to slowly pivot from managing the COVID-19 crisis to recovery and the reopening of economies, I too am looking for ways of doing the same. Now more than ever the idea of being able to share and gain first-hand knowledge and experience from a community of digital leaders is refreshing.

What's your career journey been like so far?

I have spent my career grounded in digital. I started out writing digital copy, and then quite quickly, before it was even called IA, UI and UX (when the internet was first developing into a viable touchpoint) mapping user journeys and creating and managing websites. So, I was caught up in the first wave of digital transformation. Supporting digital and cultural change into all areas of a business, using a data driven approach to challenge the status quo and drive transition and fundamentally change how the business operates and delivers value.

I love learning, so over the years I’ve helped to develop some really successful, multi-channel, omnipresent strategies. Quite often in unglamourous industries, operating in both B2C and B2B with relatively large marketing budgets. Although I have worked in ecommerce, I particularly love the challenge of optimising a B2C lead generation funnel, with large sales forces and/or contact centres.

I have worked with some amazing teams; fantastic agencies, some genius directors – who’ve shared their wisdom and knowledge – so I always try to pass it on!

What are you doing now?

I am currently the Head of Digital Marketing for the Consumer Legal Services Division of NAHL Group plc. Brands include; National Accident Helpline, National Accident Law and Homeward Legal. With multiple brands across the personal injury law and property law markets, it’s been pretty full-on during COVID. With changing legislation and government initiatives, alongside changing consumer behaviour - all requiring rapid, response and optimisation.

Tell us about any interesting moments/learnings on your journey so far

There have been loads. When I think back to some of the moments - the highs and the lows, it’s the people and the teams that made the moments. They are the ones that spring to my mind. Quite often the resilience and sense of fun, wit and laughter, that even when the pressure is on, help to carry on delivering. The strengths and dynamics of a high performing, fleet of foot team, undoubtedly affect business outcomes. Individuals who know their strengths and appreciate and respect each other, want to learn and do a good job, in my experience form high performing, resilient, creative teams – when they are ‘humming’ - that makes the moments.

What is your best success story?

I love it when months of work to a complete a rebrand, media alignment and website shift plays out successfully, which I’ve completed a few! But I’d have to say navigating (so far) through COVID.

We’ve launched websites, pivoted strategies, took on new brands, navigated Google algorithms, a few of us got COVID but thankfully recovered, re-aligned a multi-million paid search account, tested, launched, tested some more, enhanced the marketing mix, and hit targets for the first 6 months of this year.

Do you have any plans for the future?

I can’t wait to go on holiday. I’m sure we are all feeling it navigating through COVID. I have a love of hotels and I’ve really missed them! Take me to a hotel full of textures and tactility and I’m happy.

What’s one thing - either industry-related or not - you learned in the past year?

To be kind. Sounds a bit twee but with everything that has happened, with a year full of bereavement and illness, trauma and rapid change, being kind to each other is important. Life’s too short not to care. So, I always try to share as much kindness as possible on the way.

What's the coolest/interesting trend you're excited about?

When digital technologies move so fast and with consumer behaviour hard to predict, I’m always on the lookout for trends that might make a difference to our customers. The trick is identifying what’s going to deliver real value and then selecting the latest innovation to test. We’ve been talking about AI for years - personalization and conversational marketing particularly. AI technology is always advancing so an area I try to keep up to date with.

I’m quite excited to see several brands recently investing in both a long and short-term approach simultaneously. It’s easy to fall into a ‘hand to mouth’ approach through the pandemic. So, it’s good to see brands layering investment and implementing ‘disruption and purpose’. Giving them the ability to respond to short terms changes in consumer behaviour as a result of pandemic ‘waves’, as well as banging the longer term ‘purpose drum’– nothing new I guess and a bit old school really – but good to see.

What would you be doing (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

I honestly don’t know. I love digital marketing too much. I guess something where I must pull together seemingly disparate parts, that improves the customer experience at its heart. Finding solutions to complex problems to create something that feels simple.

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