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Leadership Spotlight: Andrew Wight

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Our latest leadership spotlight features Ecommerce professional, Andrew Wight!

Andrew is an accomplished Digital Marketing and eCommerce Leader with 17 years of experience across a number of industries. Some of the names Andrew has worked with throughout his career include

Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Camelot, and Europcar.

Andrew sat down with the Digital Leaders Club to discuss his initial start training as a physiotherapist, his passion for sports (and food), the challenges of overcoming cultural and language barriers whilst working with global organisations, and the success of expediting the relaunching of the Fisher & Paykel UK DTC ecommerce platform.

Why did you join the Digital Leaders Club?

I joined the Digital Leaders Club to network and share experiences and insights with like-minded leaders. Being a leader in any industry can be a lonely place, however, to have opportunities, gatherings, forums and channels where information can be shared and discussed openly across brands is rare in my experience.

What's your career journey been like to date?

I initially started out training as a physiotherapist with a view to working in the sports industry and eventually setting up my own business. This journey digressed when I took an opportunity with a close friend who started an online business. From this moment I was hooked and re-educated with a marketing degree, holding several digital marketing and ecommerce positions across several industries.

What is your current position?

I have just finished an eight-year period with luxury premium appliance manufacturer, Fisher & Paykel Appliances as Head of eCommerce. I’m now beginning a new chapter with Jacobs Douwe Egberts as their Digital Lead.

Have you had any interesting moments in your career so far?

Being a foodie combined with working for an appliance manufacturer has had its perks. I have had the pleasure of dining at some of the most prestigious restaurants and events and tasting some of the finest food cooked by Michelin stared chefs. One of my most memorable moments was dining at The Sugar Club restaurant at the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower in New Zealand.

Have you had any challenges in your career to date; and how did you overcome them?

Working for a matrixed organisation with global head offices in both China and New Zealand has been challenging for many reasons. Once you get over the physical distances, then contend with language and cultural barriers, then accommodate the widest time zones is simple! For me accepting these challenges, planning a bit further out, consciously building deeper rapport, and educating myself on cultures were just some of the elements I chose to focus on to deliver success.

Tell us about your best success story

My best success story must be expediting the relaunching of the Fisher & Paykel UK DTC ecommerce platform in anticipation of full covid lockdown and subsequent store closures. The sustained effort and resilience of teams across the globe to launch an improved platform were incredible to be a part of. The impact of this was increased revenue for the channel and the ability to deliver against customer expectations with enhanced customer experiences.

What’s it been like transitioning to a hybrid setup over the past two years?

For me, it’s been an insightful few years. Personally, already working in a global organisation that already had a hybrid setup meant that the transition was seamless. What was interesting for me was the variety of behaviours displayed by my non-hybrid working teams when this was put upon them. On reflection, I love now that previously officed based teams can now be fully remote and the balance that hybrid working supports.

What's the coolest/interesting trend you're excited about?

It’s difficult to whittle this down to one given we’re on the cusp of so many new and emerging technologies. What I am fascinated about from a customer perspective is the growth of augmented reality and how immersive and interactive the experience will get. From a brand perspective the stories and emotions we will be able to create.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I am a huge health and fitness fan and find the gym, swimming, rugby, and cycling (both participating and supporting) keep me focused and balanced. Enjoying downtime with the family is also key for me, taking the opportunity to travel and explore places and cultures.

What's your plan for the future?

To continue learning and developing about myself and as a leader is high on the agenda. Past this, I’m keen to explore new and different opportunities across different industries and soak in as much experience as I can.

What would you be doing (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

If I wasn’t working in Digital and eCommerce I would love to have trained as a pilot or a professional rugby player – two very different professions and taken from a view of hindsight.

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