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Google’s biggest UK searches in 2021

Google is without doubt the biggest search engine in the world right now. With millions of search queries each day, it would be interesting to see which searches are being conducted the most; not just daily, but yearly.

Whether it’s a general question, search for the nearest takeaway or tube station, the latest football scores or the best Ecommerce store for your Christmas shopping, you name it, Google has an answer for you!

Google has released its “Year in Search" roundup for 2021, which identifies the most popular search terms this year. With various world events and sad tragedies taking place, many searches were in relation to guidance and solutions regarding any difficulties they may have been facing.

In their UK “top trending list” Google broke down the searches into categories, which included: Questions, News Events, People and Sport, to name a few.

The top 5 search terms on Google in 2021, were as follows:

1. Euros

2. Premier League

3. Christian Eriksen

4. Covid Vaccine

5. Prince Philip

The sporting activity was certainly a popular search in 2021, with breakthrough Tennis star Emma Raducanu ranking at number 7 in the list.

Google has also become a popular option for asking questions; and there were many that were asked in 2021 relating to social media and the Covid-19 pandemic. The top 5 questions Google was asked were the following:

1. Is Facebook Down?

2. Is WhatsApp Down?

3. When will lockdown end?

4. What does COP26 stand for?

5. When will I get the vaccine?

The term ‘how many’ also generated a number of questions including:

1. How many times has Italy won the Euros?

2. How many cases in my area?

3. How many people live in the UK?

4. How many times has England won the Euros?

5. How many covid deaths today?

The top global searches in 2021 were listed as:

1. Australia vs England

2. India vs England

3. IPL

4. NBA

5. Euro 2021

Google’s Year in Search reflects the topics and moments that represent any given year. Their video for 2021 represents the global events that led to Google searches.


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