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Digital Podcasts Starting The Conversation

Podcasts have become tremendously popular in recent years, as a platform where conversations can take place and keep the audience intrigued, whilst providing an insightful education on a specific topic. Traditional radio is still holding it’s own; where podcasts can explore specific subjects in great depth.

With the right equipment and platform; you can have a platform set up very quickly – ready to broadcast to your audience!

The digital world is constantly evolving and providing us with new ways to stay in touch with the latest developments. Along with our previous blog on webinars, podcasts are a great way to listen to leaders within the digital space, provide their views and a chance for the listener to perhaps learn something new.

With the amount of time we spend browsing social media channels, listening to a podcast could be a healthy alternative.

If you’re wondering which podcasts to tune into, we take a look at a few:

We suppose the hashtag in the title very much gives the impression. New York Times bestseller and motivational speaker, Gary Vee, has not been shy of giving most of the credit to his success, with the power of digital marketing.

In a bid to give something back, along with his popular YouTube series, Gary Vee has his own podcast, where he regularly speaks about the current trends in content marketing. Ike other podcasters, Gary Vee is always open to sharing advice and answering questions. By using the hashtag: #AskGaryVee, it’s quite likely your question could be featured and answered during the podcast!

Social Media marketing is indeed an exciting, yet roller-coaster ride. The Social Business Engine Podcast is hosted by Bernie Borges, featuring his expert guests, which look at the social landscape and providing tips on how digital marketers can become successful.

On a platform such as LinkedIn, where competition among brands is at it’s most competitive, gaining knowledge on how to use various platforms to your advantage is important – this podcast can show you how.

Who says coffee and a good podcast don’t go together? What’s even better you may ask: Coffee AND Marketing!

In a podcast hosted in a coffee shop by John Wall and Christopher Penn, you can get your weekly dose of the latest techniques in the marketing world. The podcast does cover some high-level areas such as technical SEO, so it’s a great place for beginners or even those with years of experience.

If you’ve recently started a new business or looking for ways to increase your online presence, this podcast could have the answers you’re looking for. Hosted by Amy Poterfield, this conversation looks mainly at how businesses can grow online. There are some useful tips on how small to medium sized business can get noticed online. Amy also touches on her experiences as an entrepreneur.

The Digital Leaders’ produces a podcast, hosted by Jack Johnson, to keep you in-tuned with the latest trends in digital. Featuring guests across various disciplines such as Marketing and Ecommerce, they highlight their journeys’ in their fields as well as covering the latest trends, as well as challenges being faced in today’s digital world.

As business’ and brands come to terms with the pandemic in 2020, if you’re looking for tips on how your business can weather the storm, be sure to tune into series two, episode one here.

Click here to see our full range of podcasts.

Conversations surrounding your favourite topics can be found with the click of a button – your streaming adventure begins!


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