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Customer Experience Testing Consumer Loyalty

In times where high-street retailers are having to shift or adapt an online strategy, consumers are spending more time now, browsing or shopping for their essentials.

To retain customers or encourage new ones to visit and ideally purchase on an ecommerce site, that they enjoy their digital experience, or at least, not struggle with the experience. As consumers will have to opt to online shop (depending on what they are looking for), it’s important to be aware than some customers may not be familiar with ecommerce sits.

The options for consumers in the modern age are endless. Recent research conducted by a content services brand Nuxeo , revealed that more than half of UK consumers (54%) are willing to switch to a competitor if they are unhappy with their digital experience; or it does not live up to their expectations.

Many retailers have adopted various strategies to retain customers such as loyalty schemes and rewards for registered members and personalisation to make customers feel valued. According to findings from the research, 29% of shoppers felt as if personalised content from a retailer makes them feel more valued and 28% more likely to buy again.

With millennials and young people said to be the most active whilst online, 60% of 16-24 year olds have shown little tolerance for a poor digital customer experience. The use of focused adverts across social media platforms have made it more likely for users to click ads displayed by various retailers, directing them to their official website. Social media continues to play a significant part in the retail experience. 24% of all respondents said they engage with a favoured brand’s content via Facebook every day, with 15% doing so via Instagram and 10% via Twitter.

58% of UK shoppers say that if a retailer had poor product information on its website, they would go and shop elsewhere. First impressions for consumers are vital. A lack of product information was cited as one of the biggest problems for British shoppers. 21% of respondents said this was the biggest challenge they faced when shopping. An easy on-the-eye interface, smooth navigation and clearly displayed information gives consumers confidence to shop with that particular retailer.

With online services experiencing high amounts of activity and traffic, there is endless competition to stand out and make sales.


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