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A Diverse Look: Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

In 2019, promoting the importance of diversity has been spread out through many industries. In an age where we’re surrounded by many races, backgrounds and cultures, it’s clear that they all have something to offer. This is not just based on colour, but the importance of sexual diversity has been an important conversation in recent years.

The world of digital and marketing is no different. Any brand looking to reach their target audience effectively is looking to make sure their campaigns are as diverse as possible and it seems the British public is no different. In a recent survey, 71% of British retail shoppers said they preferred if retailers selected a more diverse range of models of different shapes and ages in marketing campaigns.

The research was gathered by data analytics from GlobalData, which said the number indicated that ‘there was still a long way to go for consumers to feel adequately represented”. “Females and males aged 25-44 feel strongly on inclusivity in clothing campaigns, creating a need for retailers targeting these groups to increase their marketing efforts to stay relevant, or risk losing shoppers,” GlobalData

senior retail analyst Chloe Collins said.

With more, and more younger shoppers browsing retailers online, there is a potential risk that brands could lose shoppers, due to the lack of diversity in their campaigns. Despite significantly fewer males demanding models of varying shapes , 56.6% males compared to 82.5 per cent of females – demand was much higher for males aged 25-44 at 68.6%. “Menswear retailers serving this age group such as Matalan, H&M and Primark must strive to include a more diverse selection of sizes within their campaigns, as younger brands such as Asos and BoohooMan have done,” Collins said.

With increasing talk of the use of social media making many feel ‘insecure’ about their appearance, there are certainly steps retailers can take to bring about a more positive feel to their potential customers, through their campaigns.


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