Existing Members (P)

Pat Foley

Ecommerce Consultant

Pat Foley has years of experience across Ecommerce. Pat has worked with some big names including American Golf, where he oversaw Ecommerce activity as the Ecommerce Director. He was also Director of Ecommerce whilst at B&Q and Head of Online Operations and Customer Service at Best Buy. 

Paul Morris

Head of Ecommerce at Havas Media Group

Paul Morris has a range of digital experience across different types of businesses. Paul has worked with names such as The Prince’s Trust, Tesco Bank and The Co-Op as a Head of Digital and Ecommerce Director. He is currently the Head of Ecommerce at Havas Media Group.

Paul Randle

Managing Director 

at Paul M  Randle Consulting

Paul Randle is an established marketing strategist, who is currently chief marketing officer at Paul M Randle Consulting. He has previously worked at AkzoNobel as a Global Director of Digital and a Global Director of Digital Marketing at DDB Omnicom.

Paul Rasmussen

Product & Strategy at Beautystack

Paul Rasmussen’s extensive list of companies includes Open Blend Method, New Look, Burberry and Proximity London. Paul has held senior positions such as being a Head of Digital, Head of User Experience and is now currently leading Product & Strategy at Beautystack.

Paula  Mc Guinness

Chief Marketing Officer at BoConcept

Paula Mc Guiness has experience working with large brands such as LEGO. Whilst at The Lego Group, Paula held positions as Global Digital Strategist, Head of Marketing and Global Digital Marketing Director. Paula is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at furniture company, BoConcept.

Phil Livingstone

Marketing Director

Phil Livingstone has more than 15 years’ experience developing and executing multi-channel acquisition strategies for growth. Phil has led digital strategies at British Gas, Havas Media and recently, The Body Shop where he was Global Digital Marketing Director.

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