Existing Members (G)

Gemma Carver

Global CX Advisor at SAP

Gemma Carver has 10 years’ experience working at a senior level at a variety of businesses. She has been Digital Director at Pentland Brands, CMO at Auction Technology Group, and is now Global CX Advisor at SAP. Gemma is passionate about building Ecommerce growth strategies at scale for both high growth and traditional businesses.

Gordon Morrin

Global Ecommerce Leader

at Retail Solutions Inc

Gordon Morrin has a wealth of experience in digital, data and Ecommerce. He was Trade Marketing & Ecommerce Director at Kerry Foods, before joining Retail Solutions Inc, where he is now Global Ecommerce Director.

Geoff Bull

Chief Marketing Officer at Swyft

Geoff Bull has 15 years of experience leading teams in digital marketing, digital product development and digital strategy. He’s currently the CMO at Swyft, having previously worked at Wiggle for four years as their Marketing Director.

Guy Magrath

 Advisor To The Innovation Board

Guy has a successful career leveraging innovation to deliver market leading capabilities and guide businesses to thrive in increasingly digital and rapidly changing commercial landscapes. Guy is an Advisor To The Innovation Board at CBI. Guy has an extensive history working with companies such as Electorocomponents plc and RS Components. 

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