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In the post-pandemic world, many business may opt to move away from physical meetings. However, at the Digital Leaders Club, face to face commuication is important.

Although the Digital Leaders Club has conducted successful physical events, we understand the need to consider an alternative: video conferences/events. 

As Digital / Ecommerce marketers everywhere grapple with new challenges, continued commercial success will require improved efficiency, heightened resilience, smarter tactics plus inspired strategic vision. And Digital Leaders who try to achieve all this on their own, have zero chance of holding out against a determined crew of DLC Leaders.

Our events facilitate close peer-to-peer newtorking as well as productive collaboration – accelerating innovation and driving the evolution of Digital. We are now approaching a stage where digital leaders have more responsibility than ever to speerhead the change. 

As a member, you can expect the following: 

  • Breakfast/Lunches – Occasional gatherings among members over some coffee or lunch, to discuss the latest trends in the digital world. 

  • Webinars – talking specific technical topics, such as ‘Digital Growth in 2020’, led by subject matter experts.

  • Yearly conferences – Holding yearly conferences to discuss the direction of digital. 


All events are chaired by Digital Leaders  Founder, Jack Johnson. 

Upcoming Events

To Be Confirmed

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