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Member Benefits 

High Impact Collaboration

Collaboration is the engine that powers the remarkable performance of the CRM Leaders Club. Being a member, you can expect:

  • Sharing of digital and emerging trends

  • Insights into delivering game-changing operational efficiencies

  • Joint social media groups (WhatsApp, Email) 

  • Insights featuring digital and industry leaders

  • Real-time peer-2-peer fixes for today’s BIG ISSUES

  • Sharing of market intel and emerging trends

  • Insights into delivering game-changing operational efficiencies

  • Supplier steering groups

WhatsApp Group


Our exclusive WhatsApp group allows you to receive instant feedback from industry experts, whilst sharing views and insights across the platform. Being part of our WhatsApp group means you'll have first notice on upcoming events and activities. 


Expand your insights across the instant-messaging chat by joining our occasional round-table discussions and presentations at events and in webinars - be a part of and build the network! 


Leverage the CRM Leaders Club's unrivalled buying power through exclusive, discounted terms with a directory of best-in-class service providers. Enjoy preferential service, and participate in steering groups for mission-critical tools.


Our members enjoy fantastic services and benefits that you won't experience with any other network!

As part of our community, you can connect to a panel of experts across various sectors, as well as interact with vibrant peer-to-peer communities. By taking part in the various networking opportunities; ready to share insights with non-members.  

Our members have a wealth of knowledge to share in their respective disciplines from all over the UK. As a network, we keep growing and learning about the ever-evolving direction of digital. A new way of communicating and educating our audience involves our podcast led by Jack Johnson. 

Connect to a panel of experts across all business-critical functions, and engage with vibrant peer-to-peer communities – all on call 24/7, and ready to share the kind of insights that take non-members decades to acquire.



Our “Ultimate Guide To….” series draws on the experience of digital’s leading experts in a range of disciplines. Packed with insider intelligence from the best in the business, eBook Guides will extend your knowledge and boost your performance.


Our events are where the magic happens… from technical master-classes and inspirational coaching sessions, to our celebrated annual conference. Plus our regular lunch clubs prove you really can mix business with pleasure.



You’re great at your job, right? Sure you are. But you COULD be better. A lot better. Because talent and tenacity aren’t enough. And even if you have a truckload of both, only elite training can take you and your team to the next level.

Business is like sport – behind every winner, there’s an inspirational coach and a finely-tuned training schedule. That’s why DLC has partnered with very strong digital trainers – the digital sector’s stand-out training guru.

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